Technical advantages of the North American Polyphenols Institute



1. Has the right to grant master and doctorate degrees;
2. Has the right to recruit master and doctorate graduates;
3. Signed annual payment agreements with 5 companies over a period of 10 years for the usage of NAPI’s supplemental research and design;
4. Has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with University of California, Los Angeles;
5. Has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry;
6. Has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the general hospital of Chinese People’s Liberation;
7. Has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Old Institute of Peking University;
8. Held multiple International Conferences on polyphenols in the United States, China and all over the world.

Technology Platform

Technology Platform

Company field: natural medicinal plant active ingredients of raw materials and natural medicine treatment
Company’s technology platform: Chinese Medicine Database; Chinese Herb & D Database; U.S. pharmacopeia; FDA Regulations on FDA and Drug.
Technology applications: Slow technology: Control Release; A platform for the development of post absorption/metabolism drug (PAMD).
Product development: Anti-cancer, Anti depression, Atopic dermatitis products.
Technical service products: To provide the access service of API and effective monomer products into the U.S. market, they come from pharmaceutical factory and traditional Chinese medicine extraction plant in China. Specifically, it’s to participate in the US FDA active ingredients of traditional Chinese medicine, standardization of monomers and API, and provide Chinese manufacturers of US FDA access service.
The Company’s business model: research and development

Chemical Laboratory. Control the amount of nitrates, herbicides and pesticides